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CommonCore-PerfectlyIncorrectAuthor Spotlight – Perfectly Incorrect – Common Core Author – Terry Marselle

When teacher Terry Marselle realized that Common Core could ruin his profession and the children he is teaching it was time to take action. In this telling book Terry explains the problems with common core from an educators perspective. He is the author of the book, Perfectly Incorrect – Why the Common Core is Psychologically and Congnitively Unsound.

Show Notes:

Terry explains about his travels and teaching all over the world

Upon his return to the United States he was greeted back with “No Child Left Behind.”

Once this fad passed the next took it’s place, “Common Core,” however, upon a closer look he was shocked by what his research showed.

Using the research of many well-known psychologists and their information he was surprised to learn that their are major psychological ramifications especially to children in grades K-3.

About Terry Marselle:


Terry has been a teacher for forty-one years, with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and a Fifth Year Certificate in U.S. History and psychology from Central Connecticut State University (CCSU). He has a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Hartford with a concentration in children’s cognition and the psychopathology of childhood.  Eight years ago, he “returned” to America. Since the 1980’s, and for the next twenty+ years, he taught overseas, in (mostly) U.S. Embassy/Consulate schools.

With his “international trip” behind him, he arrived back in America thinking he was bringing a unique perspective to the educational table. Instead, he was “welcomed” by a political pie in the face called No Child Left Behind. Little did he realize things would actually get worse. The train called Common Core State Standards Initiative was getting ready to pull into the station. Like its NCLB predecessor, the Common Core has become a train wreck. This time, however, it isn’t funny.

With only a few years left before retirement, he could not stand idly by and allow this ill-conceived Common Core to be foisted onto students – and by extension, their parents. He could not allow his profession to be frontally assaulted by people who are incredulously unaware of how children think and learn.  As such, this book was necessary to write.

Perfectly Incorrect - Terry MarselleFrom Terry Marselle – 

One Page Explanation of Common Core:

1. Common Core standards in K–6, and especially in the K-3 years, are developmentally inappropriate in substantial ways. For example, kindergarten has disappeared. Where did it go? A deep well of early childhood experts have gone on record as being concerned that the Common Core shows little or no understanding that children are not miniaturized adults who are capable of accomplishing many of the things called for at various grade levels.  For more info here

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