Raising Children with Good Character

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Raising Children with Good CharacterSpecial Guest – LaToya Edwards

Raising Children with Good Character

Charlotte Mason said, “The habits of the child produce the character of the man.” Raising children with godly character is a very important task. It takes a lot of patience and training from parents and a lot of trial and error for the kids. LaToya will share how good books and stories have helped her children grow in character.


Bio: LaToya is a recovering perfectionist and control freak that loves old movies, good books, and strawberry Häagen-Dazs® ice cream. She traded in a law degree to homeschool her children and be home full-time to serve her family. Through trials of divorce, depression, death and more she has discovered the freedom that comes in knowing God and understanding His promises so you will be able to have everlasting joy no matter the circumstances and feel safe and secure knowing that God is in control. As a certified life coach, it is LaToya’s desire to encourage and equip other women to do the same. Be sure to visit LaToya on her blog: http://latoyaedwards.net/


LaToya Edwards Main blog: http://latoyaedwards.net/
About Me page: http://latoyaedwards.net/about/

Visit LaToya’s Podcast here – From Broken To Blessed



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    Wish it had the subtitles or closed capitons for deaf parents to read?

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