Shakespeare: Fun, Online Course

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This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Shakespeare: Fun, Online Course.

Shakespeare: Fun, Online Course

Shakespeare: Fun, Online Course

For years, parents of homeschool high schoolers asked us for some Shakespeare materials. As you know 7Sisters curriculum is mostly homeschool and mostly fun- no busywork but good education.  Finally, Sabrina captured the Shakespeare work she has done with our local homeschoolers with a self-paced online course. It covers one semester of high school Shakespeare experiences.

Our goal is to help homeschool high schoolers experience Shakespeare the way he intended – as entertainment! Let’s dive into the details of this fun Shakespeare online course and share how it can transform the perception of Shakespeare.

Breaking the Shakespeare Stereotype

Do you remember your high school days when studying a Shakespeare play felt like a chore? It’s time to leave those cringy and boring experiences behind. We understand the struggle all too well.

Here’s the thing: we have found a way to make Shakespeare fun and enjoyable for our own kids! And now, we want to share that experience with all of you!

Shakespeare was an entertainer, writing for both the educated upper classes and the common people. His plays are filled with universal themes and relatable characters. 

Once you start approaching his plays with the intention of being entertained and connecting with the characters, you will be blown away by the power of his stories! His works explore universal themes and relatable characters that transcend time and place.

It’s a new perspective on Shakespeare that changes everything. 

So, that’s exactly what we share with teens in this Shakespeare online course. It’s a one-semester course where they will explore four plays: two tragedies, two comedies. Not only that, we even dive into some Shakespearean sonnets. Our aim is not to turn teens into Shakespeare experts, but to help them appreciate and enjoy Shakespeare’s work.

The Course Structure

This self-paced online Shakespeare course is designed to make learning enjoyable and stress-free. The course is hosted on the Teachable platform, which provides a user-friendly interface for seamless navigation. Once you create a free account, you can easily purchase the course and access the sixteen individual lessons. Each lesson includes a video where Sabrina shares her insights and thoughts on the week’s topic.

Study Guides and Homework

There is a bundle of Shakespeare study guides as the framework to accompany the online course lessons. (We also offer them as individual guides for specific plays like:

These guides provide Shakespeare education with analysis, vocabulary exercises, and summaries of the plays. Homework assignments are based on the study guides, allowing students to engage more deeply with the material, and they include recommended performances to watch.

Parents can easily grade their teens’ work using the included answer keys, and there is also a chance for students to write responses to prompts that explore the universal themes in the plays.

The Magic of Shakespeare’s Sonnets

In addition to the plays, the course also includes two weeks dedicated to Shakespeare’s sonnets. These beautiful poems offer a different perspective on his writing style and allow students to explore the power of language and emotions. 

By analyzing and discussing select sonnets, teens can unlock the beauty and depth of Shakespeare’s poetry.

Shakespeare Education: Engaging with Shakespeare’s Plays

One of the key aspects of our online Shakespeare course is watching performances of the plays. You will receive high-quality recommended productions available for free on YouTube, ensuring that accessibility is not a barrier for your kids to get their Shakespeare education.

After watching the plays, students are encouraged to discuss and answer questions related to the characters, themes, and their personal connections. This interactive approach helps teens develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for Shakespeare’s work.

Lifetime Access and Co-op Opportunities

We believe in the importance of sharing resources within families and homeschool communities, so here’s the best part: once you purchase our Shakespeare online course, you’ll have lifetime access to it, meaning younger siblings can benefit from it in the future. Just like our ebook curriculum, we want you to be able to use it with multiple children or even share Shakespeare within your homeschool co-op

Speaking of co-ops, if you’re interested in doing the course with your co-op, reach out to us at, and we’ll work out a generous discount for you to ensure everyone can participate without violating copyright.

Free Download: Expressions that Shakespeare Gave Us

As a fun teaser, we have a freebie on our website that explores expressions coined by Shakespeare called Expressions that Shakespeare Gave Us. It’s a fun download that introduces you to some of Shakespeare’s famous quotes. 

You will be surprised to discover how many common phrases actually originated from his works. It’s a great way to get started and realize just how much Shakespeare has influenced our language.

Shakespeare: Fun, Online Course

Don’t let past experiences or preconceived notions deter you from exploring the magic of Shakespeare with your children. With passion and expertise, our self-paced online Shakespeare course offers an engaging and enjoyable journey that your teens will not only appreciate but also connect with the characters and themes on a personal level. 

Embrace the opportunity for your kids to experience the joy and entertainment that Shakespeare intended, and let us guide you through this remarkable literary adventure!

If you have any questions or need further information, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to support you in your homeschooling journey. We value our 7Sisters Siblings community and love seeing it grow!

Thank you to Richie Soares with Homeschool & Humor for writing this blog post!


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