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Steal Like an Artist |True North Homeschool Academy Director, Lisa Nehring is joined by Art Instructor and Scientist BJ Pramann| #homeschoolpodcast #podcast #homeschool #education #homeschooling #homeschool #artist #strallikeanartisSteal Like an Artist

What does it mean to steal like an artist? Art Instructor and Scientist BJ Pramann join true North Homeschool Academy Director Lisa Nehring.  BJ earned a B.S. but has gone on to be a self-taught speed painter who travels with an International Ministry (hear more about that in this interview with BJ: Encouraging Creativity in Your Home  teaches art locally and at True North Homeschool Academy. She is also busy homeschooling her own kids.

It might be hard to fit art into your schedules, but let’s look at the amazing benefits of Art and how art supports and increases your students’ academic and intellectual abilities.

  1. Reinforcement of classes like Science and Philosophy, etc.
  2. Sketching is a mnemonic device that builds muscle memory.
  3. Artistic pursuits are a great way to “empty the mind,” like journaling.
  4. Helps people develop Critical Thinking and Executive Functioning Skills
  5. It can be a way for kids to express and regulate emotions
  6. Can be a way to manage ADD/ADHD

“The Universe is a scavenger hunt that reveals God’s love letter to us!” BJ Pramann

“Steal like an artist, but give credit where credit is due!” BJ Pramann

BJ Teaches Art 1 (emphasis on Animals), Art 2 (emphasis on Botanics), Form and Color (emphasis on Human Anatomy and Color Theory), Graphic Design, Video Editing, Earth and Space and Executive Functioning Skills.

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