Study Skills For Homeschoolers

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This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Study Skills For Homeschoolers.

Study Skills For Homeschoolers

Study Skills For Homeschoolers

Some teens are born knowing how to study. However, most teens need to learn study skills. We often hear from homeschool graduates, especially those bound for college, that they need guidance in this area. We asked our 7Sister Marilyn to help explain study skills for homeschoolers.

About Marilyn Groop and Mt. Sophia

Marilyn is an editor of our 7SistersHomeschool textbooks, along with Sarah and Allison. Not only that, but she is also the principal of our local umbrella school, Mount Sophia Academy. This umbrella school has been serving homeschoolers for over twenty years. Hundreds of students have passed through those doors, with more than twenty-six graduating classes to date. It is truly amazing and feels us all with a sense of pride and joy. 

Mt. Sophia Academy serves as a homeschool diploma program, providing academic advising, transcript management, and diploma issuance for high school students. They offer classes for middle and high schoolers, ranging from average to advanced levels. Although they do not teach AP classes, some of their students have successfully taken and passed AP tests. With a diverse group of teachers and a busy schedule of classes on Mondays and Thursdays, a comprehensive education is the goal for the students attending.

Mt. Sophia Academy also offers outstanding academic advising to help students prepare for college and beyond, including guidance in extracurricular activities like sports and choir. They take pride in supporting parents and taking responsibility for the academic aspects of their homeschool high schoolers‘ education.

Here are the study skills for homeschool high schoolers

Marilyn teaches homeschool high schoolers these study skills.

The Importance of Effective Time Management

Time management is one of the most critical study skills for homeschoolers in order to achieve success through high school and beyond. But procrastination is the opposite of this, and quite the demolisher. It’s never a good strategy, especially when it comes to studying. When it comes to subjects like world languages, consistency is key.

Research has shown that cramming is not an effective method for retaining information. Instead of cramming for hours the night before, encourage your teens to spend fifteen minutes each day reviewing vocabulary or concepts. This practice helps information transfer to long-term memory more effectively.

By spreading out study sessions and engaging in regular review, students can improve their long-term memory and overall understanding of the material.

Doing the Work and Meeting Deadlines

Another crucial aspect of successful studying is actually doing the work. Completing assignments and meeting deadlines are fundamental skills that all high school students should develop. 

While there may be occasions when prioritizing certain tasks becomes necessary, encourage your teens to make time for their academic responsibilities. It’s essential for students to develop awareness and take responsibility for their academic responsibilities. Doing so will help them develop discipline and be better prepared for college and beyond.

Seeking Help and Asking Questions

Encourage your teens to seek help when needed. It is important to reach out to teachers for clarification or assistance when it is needed because waiting until the last minute or struggling silently can hinder progress. 

Students can build a rapport with their teachers and gain a better understanding of the material from asking questions, attending office hours, and actively engaging in class. This skill is invaluable in college as well, where seeking assistance becomes even more crucial.

Effective Note-Taking

Taking thorough and organized notes is another one of the essential study skills for homeschoolers. Marilyn’s daughter, for example, found that transcribing her class notes shortly after the lecture improved her understanding and retention of the material. 

Research suggests that handwriting notes can enhance memory and understanding, as it requires active engagement with the material and synthesis.  Encourage your teens to experiment with different note-taking methods and find what works best for them.

Test Preparation and Repetition

Preparing for tests requires consistent effort and repetition. Avoid last-minute cramming and instead review material regularly. Regular review and repetition are key. Repetition helps solidify concepts in long-term memory. 

For subjects that require memorization, consider creating quizzes or using online tools like Quizlet to reinforce learning. 

Teach your teens the importance of test corrections. By analyzing mistakes and understanding the correct answers, they can better prepare for cumulative exams.

Here are more study skills for test taking.

Study Skills For Homeschoolers

Developing effective study skills is crucial for homeschool high school students, particularly those planning to attend college. Mastering will equip your teen to excel academically. As homeschool educators, we have the opportunity to instill these study skills in our students, setting them up for success in their academic journeys and beyond.

These skills are not just about achieving good grades, they also foster discipline, critical thinking, and lifelong learning habits. Embrace the process of helping your teens develop these study skills, knowing that they will reap the rewards in their future endeavors.

Thank you to Richie Soares with Homeschool & Humor for writing this blog post and to Seth Tillman for editing the podcast!


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