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super bowl

Super Bowl:

The super bowl evokes all types of emotions – for me it symbolizes the day I fell in love.

I never was a big football fan, I know *gasp* right? But, when Mr. Right asked me to spend the evening watching the game of course I said, yes! We talked, we laughed, we ate and we watched the game. He patiently answered all of my questions – and believe me there were many! He impressed me by reciting football trivia that rivaled the most informed sportscaster. I knew that day–that this guy was special.

A quick internet search shows that the Steelers defeated the Cowboys that day, on January 21, 1979.  While Steeler fans were elated, for me, later that year I’d have my own momentous occasion to celebrate, my wedding day. Each year as Super Bowl Sunday nears my husband teasingly asks me if I want to go on a date to watch the game. It is our tradition to celebrate the super bowl in our life.

Each of us has those moments, those times that change our lives forever whether it is the good times or the bad. In the thirty-five years we’ve been married we’ve celebrated life and death. And, we’ve survived by the grace of God.

Super Bowl Moments:

Some of my Super Bowl life moments consist of:

When my parent’s faith became my own, John 3:15

My wedding day.

Finding my life Scripture: Romans 8:28

The birth of my children.

Graduating children from homeschooling.

My daughter’s wedding.

My grandchildren’s births!

These are my happier moments of my life – and of course there are other life-changing moments, too numerous to mention.

Super Bowl Moments in Your Life:

What is the super bowl in your life?

What is that day, that time, that event that was defining?

Was there a time you can pinpoint that changed the way you looked at life from then on?



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