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Celebrating the BEST Homeschool Podcasts!

Leave a comment to congratulate Kendra and Fletch below!

We’ve done lots of celebrating in the past years – we’ve celebrated a network launch, we’ve celebrated a one-year anniversary and now we are celebrating all the shows that have 50 or more podcasts under their belt! These are among the best homeschool podcasts on this network! What makes a best podcast? It varies depending on who you ask – here are some of the things on the list:

  1. Educates You – Learn New Things
  2. Makes You Think
  3. Makes You Laugh
  4. Fun
  5. Entertaining
  6. Informational
  7. Call to Action
  8. Political
  9. Meet New People
  10. Learn About Curriculum

HomeschoolingIRL meets many of the criteria listed above and best of all? They are celebrating 50+ shows on our network! Join us in giving them a congratulations below! Just tell them why you like their show – or if you haven’t listened that you hope to in the future! Kendra is a busy, homeschool mom and Andy (Fletch) Fletcher is a dentist – yet, they both podcast regularly and it has become a passion! You can hear it in their voice, the level of energy, the guests and of course, the amazing topics. Nothing ordinary here. Listen here, here, and here to try a few of the best homeschool podcasts!

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More podcasts Celebrating 50+ shows…

Vintage Homeschool Moms is celebrating 80 podcasts.


Making Biblical Family Life Practical is celebrating 79+ Podcasts.


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