The Informer – What is the RFRA?

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You’ve seen the all media hype.

In March of 2015, Indiana passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), joining 31 other states in offering religious freedom protections. It’s a complicated subject and it can be very difficult to sort through all the noise. But one thing is clear, Indiana families involved in homeschool leadership need to stay informed.

Today’s podcast episode is a quick conversation about the basics of RFRA and why it matters.

Special Guest:
Debi Ketron is a member of the IAHE Board of Directors and the Chairperson for the IAHE’s Government Affairs Team.

Phil & Debi Ketron reside in Guilford, Indiana (Dearborn County).  Phil serves as Vice President and Secretary of the IAHE. Debi serves as the IAHE Legislative Director. They served as IAHE Region 8 Representatives for five years before joining the Board of Directors.  They homeschooled for 21 years, and their four children are homeschool graduates.  The two oldest have earned bachelor degrees, one of which is a CPA, and their two youngest children are currently in college.  The Ketrons had been involved in homeschool leadership in southeastern Indiana for many years.  They hope to be a blessing to the families of Indiana through their service at the IAHE.

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Where do we get the right to homeschool?

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The Truth about the RFRA and How it Might Affect Homeschoolers in Indiana

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