The role of tech with special needs students

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Using Tech with Special Needs Students

92: The role of tech with special needs students

Our guest in this episode is Peggy Ployhar, founder/CEO of SPED Homeschool, and she is going to share with us about using tech with special needs students. Peggy has a wealth of wisdom to share, and you will need to listen to this episode to get the maximum benefit.

This sums up what Peggy covers in this episode:

Teaching struggling students is difficult, thus many parents look to technology to ease that difficulty, but if not considered properly it can complicate the teaching and the learning process.

She explores 4 myths:

Myth 1 – A child who loves tech will best learn on/with tech
Myth 2 – Parent involvement is unnecessary if teaching with an app/program/online curriculum
Myth 3 – Assistive tech is a crutch students must work to eliminate
Myth 4 – Video and/or audio-based curriculum is less superior to book-based curriculum

Learn more from Peggy on her weekly live show where she talks with guests about topics relevant to homeschooling special needs students. This live show is from 8 – 9pm CT each Tuesday on Facebook or Youtube. You can catch the replay as a podcast.

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Using Tech with Special Needs Students

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