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Mommy Jammies Melanie WilsonToo Blessed To Be Stressed with Melanie Wilson!

If you’re stressed out, you don’t need to hear one more thing you need to do to manage it. Dr. Melanie Wilson isn’t going to share the basic advice we’ve all heard: get enough sleep, exercise, and good nutrition. Instead, she will share a whole new way of thinking about stress that will have you feeling too blessed to be stressed.

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Show Notes: Too Blessed To Be Stressed with Dr. Melanie Wilson:

  1. Stress is an adaptive response, but prolonged stress can lead to disease, depression, and anxiety.
  2. Changing our thinking can help us avoid the negative consequences of stress.
  3. Stop awfulizing and start beatituding.
  4. Stop forecasting and start hoping.
  5. Stop believing God is against you and start believing God is for you.

Here is Melanie with her Mommy Jammies Night PJ’s  – she hosted the FIRST EVER Mommy Jammies Night on Periscope – thanks Melanie for being such a great sport!

Melanie on Periscope

Christian psychologist and veteran homeschooling mother of six, Dr. Melanie Wilson

About Melanie Wilson: Dr. Melanie Wilson is a Christian psychologist turned homeschooling mother of six. She credits God and her husband of 21 years for the time to write, speak, and homeschool too. While she doesn’t practice anymore, she does share sanity-saving ideas at Psychowith6. Melanie has authored numerous booklets for Lutheran Hour Ministries as well as articles for Woman’s Day magazine, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, and other publications. She wrote the book, So You’re Not Wonder Woman, detailing the failure of psychology to change her own life. Melanie is a regular presenter at women’s retreats and homeschool conferences and now hosts a podcast for homeschoolers, The Homeschool Sanity Show. She’s also a regular guest on KFUO’s Faith & Family program. Melanie is passionate about searching for answers to life’s greatest challenges in the pages of God’s Word. She loves to scrapbook, play tennis, and laugh. – See more here



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  1. I love that you are real and honest! You make my life better just by being my friend! Love you!~Lori

  2. Stop awfulizing and start beatituding – just what I need to be reminded of during this season of motherhood – thank you!

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