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It’s party time! I’m so happy you joined us…

Guess what? This network is two years old and these amazing podcasters are celebrating our second birthday!

  • Felice Gerwitz
  • Carol Topp
  • Mary Jo Tate
  • Meredith Curtis
    • Hal & Melanie Young
    • Andy & Kendra Fletcher
    • Kimberly Travaglino & Mary Beth Groff
    • Israel and Brook Wayne
    • Melanie Wilson
    • Tara Bentley
    • Jean Burke

What topics do you want to hear? When I first began this radio show network, I asked this question and would you believe most of the show hosts have covered almost every single topic suggested? I want to do this again in celebration of our second birthday! And, you are welcome to celebrate with us! Also, let us know what you like about the network. We work hard to bring you shows that are a blessing to your family. Much time and prayer goes into so many of these shows. I hope you can tell!

Want to help us out?

First… please follow this blog, second… share this blog with a friend and third, leave a response so I can share this with the podcast show hosts and perhaps your topic suggestion will be the focus of a show.

I can’t wait to hear from all of you!


  1. Your programs look exciting!

  2. High School Transcripts
    College options

  3. Helping your child choose a major
    College options

  4. Homeschooling without expensive curriculum – where to find free books, teaching without curriculum, etc.

  5. Creating your own curriculum

  6. Transcripts for high school for an autistic child.

    • mediaangels says

      Mayra – what are your goals for your child? Are you planning college? The podcast on College Prep has quite a few transcript talks but not sure it they are what you are looking for.

  7. Life after homeschooling.

  8. Homeschooling with severe/significant special needs
    Encouragement podcasts right during the hard months (winter!)
    Can’t think of any – your hosts are doing a great job!!

    • mediaangels says

      Thanks so much Ann -YES we need a special needs podcast and I am working on it. Also – yes, encouragement… there are going to be many like that. You can search for a keyword on the home page and it will show you all the podcasts currently that are on that topic.

  9. I like to listen to shows that talk about
    reluctant learners and how to get them involved
    Sibling rivalries
    how to bring gospel teaching into home
    becoming a better parent or I am good as I am

  10. Homeschooling multi-age (preschool and upper elementary)
    How to create your own curriculum

    • mediaangels says

      Hi Donna… I did just that! Created my own curriculum … is there a particular way you like to homeschool? Contact me via email felice (at) and I’d be happy to chat with you about this… as far as homeschooling multi ages I did a podcast on this topic with some handouts – but I will let our show hosts know you’d like to hear more shows! You can search for your favorite topic on our home page.

  11. Beginning steps to college or advanced education.

  12. Some topics I would like to know more about, providing space for children in large families, scholarships, and being the “guidadance counselor”

    • mediaangels says

      Hi Liz – this show will help you with scholarships … in fact we have two or three more shows on the topic: and I love the idea of space, etc. I will make sure some of my larger family podcasters know! My husband is a builder so he solved the space issue by adding on to our house twice. My daughter on the other hand has a three bedroom two bath home and six little kids under the age of ten. She needs to be a guest on my show again so I can have her share her ideas with all of you! She is a genius in the organization and rearranging your house area.

  13. What do you do on the days it seems like everything you’ve taught has suddenly been forgotten!

  14. Deborah Googeg says

    What to do with all that curriculum after years of homeschooling.
    Managing your household with graduated young adults and many still in school.

    • mediaangels says

      Hi Deborah, you are describing my life!! For the books – I ended up having my older kids go through it and saved it for them … for some day. They know what books they enjoyed and I love having my grandkids use the books. Otherwise donate to a local support group, or sell at a used homeschool curriculum sale. We have these once a year in my area. As far as young adults goes… have you tried this podcast? Finish Well Radio show

  15. High School planning
    Homeschooling with a WIDE range of ages

  16. high school transcripts for special needs

  17. Judith Martinez says

    I just need encouragement to keep persevering when the going gets tough.

  18. Different approaches on how to homeschool teens, grading their work for transcripts, encouragement in homeschooling high school

  19. homeschooling in middle school years

    • mediaangels says

      Thanks Sharla – I don’t think we have a show that targets the middle years specifically – what grades? 6-8th?

  20. I’d love to hear more about how to encourage children to work independently. Especially once they reach the middle school years.

    • mediaangels says

      The day will come, Jana – promise! I never thought my kids would be independent learners but they are – and do a great job at it. I do work with them …but so much of what they do is on their own.

  21. Hi. I’d like to learn how to schedule a day with children, chores and working a job.

  22. I would love to hear a podcast in helping kids stay on task.

  23. I would love to learn more about high school electives and transcripts. I have 2 girls going in to high school in 2 years 🙁

  24. Teaching a child with learning disabilities

  25. Tech topics and more from dads!

  26. I would love to hear more about homeschooling with the help of “online homeschooling.”

  27. Corri Montgomery says


    I am new to your site and already I think it is wonderful and that it will be a blessing to my family. The topic I am really interested in is raising boys to be men of character and integrity. Also, how to talk to your children about all the transgender and homosexual people and situations they might encounter and that they may see on television. How do you teach them to love the person and not the behavior? You want then to know that it is ungodly but you also want them to ave compassion and pray for those who are bound by that.

  28. Definitely homeschooling for special needs children!

  29. You have such wonderful content. I am at a point in my life where I look at the kids left at home, grades 10, 9, 7, & 5 and think, “I am running out of time!” Especially with the older ones. There is so much! I have two out of the house, who are doing well. I just have that nagging feeling that I am missing something, but exactly what that “something” is, I am not sure.

    • mediaangels says

      Denise – that is the enemy talking … keep your eyes focused on HIM and all falls in the order God meant for it to fall. Thanks for posting!

  30. College for autistic kids as that is something I have to start thinking about.

  31. Keeping motivated is my BIGGEST area of need!! Thanks for all the amazing content you provide!! Thanks also for the opportunity to win!

  32. Wendy Banner says

    Need to hear about easy ways to homeschool when you’re dealing with a chronic illness and are completely exhausted all the time. And also how to get motivated to be the teacher when there’s almost nothing left in you to want to do this even though you know it can be the best for your child. And also, how to be motivated when your child’s attitude continually demotivates you because even though he’s 9.5 years old he has the emotional age of about a 4-5 year old and would be perfectly happy spending the next few years in a preschool; seriously. Also another topic – how to hire someone else to homeschool your child as an option when you’re sick and just can’t carry on.

  33. I would like to hear about homeschooling a child that requires complete undivided attention in order for him to complete his schoolwork. I have other children, a 4 & 1 yr old, who like distracting the older one and also want my complete attention.

  34. Homeschooling the High Schooler who’d rather be following his less academic passions all day.

    • mediaangels says

      Ha! I hear you Susan – that is my youngest too, for sure! You can be creative with high school credits and give work experience. My son earned highschool credit for his big projects around the house. Just check with your state and course code options, especially if your child is college bound. A great show is Dollars and Sense with Carol Topp if you have a budding entrepreneur.

  35. I’m always looking for more parenting advice, especially for the only child.

  36. Homeschooling with preschoolers and babies running around
    Organizing/managing the day – housework, homeschool, etc.

  37. Thomas Murphy says

    I would like to hear about College Scholarships.

  38. Betsy Price says

    Homeschooling only children, homeschooling while working outside (or inside) the home.

  39. I love to listen to the different shows. I would love to see one about story time for kids and one on encouraging handicaped children’s moms.

  40. I would like to hear about what to do when your child struggles with a curriculum, and how to determine if a new/ different curriculem would be better, or if your child just doesn’t do well and needs more TLC from you…..

  41. matt's mama says

    Homeschooling just one child – lack of others to do projects with

  42. I would love pointers on splitting my time at school when one of my students is a special needs student and the other two are lower elementary and simply need more help and time.

    I am an avid listener to many of your programs and have learned so much. Thank you.

  43. State testing requirements and college scholarships.

  44. Melissa Teears says

    Keeping your kids focused

  45. Barbara Hall says

    Wow! So glad to learn about this resource!

  46. Amy Sellers says

    Homeschooling highschool
    Making a teacher binder
    Teaching a foreign language
    College credits in high school

  47. Amanda Sakovitz says

    How many hours a day should you be homeschooling?

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