Understanding The Foundation Of All Learning

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Understanding The Foundation Of All LearningUnderstanding the Foundation of all Learning with Dr. Jan Bedell

The Learning Styles Philosophy has become a paradigm of many in academia and adopted by homeschool families as well.  It promotes the notion that you should find the primary learning style of each student and then teach whatever you are teaching through that style.  The NeuroDevelopmenatal Approach to life and learning promotes the idea that it is best to have brain efficiency in all areas to be most successful in academic pursuits.  Brain inefficiencies in a tactile, auditory or visual channel can cause a student to choose a particular learning style or have a particular learning preference because of the shortcomings in another area.  If there are several inefficiencies in the way the brain is taking in information, the student will most likely be labeled with such things as  ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum and dyslexia or struggle with reading, writing, math or all of the above.  The good news is that with the right kind of brain stimulation, learning struggles don’t have to last a lifetime.

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Key Points: 

The foundation of all learning styles lies in how well the brain is working in each area.

Brain inefficiencies that effect a person’s learning style:

  • Brain organization
  • Processing (visual and auditory short term memory)
  • Hand, eye, ear, and foot dominance that affect long-term memory

NeuroDevelopmental brain training can often eliminate these inefficiencies and help the individual learn through all learning styles.


  1. I enjoy these podcasts very much. I believe they will help me greatly as I homeschool my 10 children.

    On thing I thought I should mention, though. It sounded to me as I listened to this episode that Dr. Jan took seriously the article in The Onion about nasal learners. It appears to me to be a bit of satire. Nonetheless it does make her point by highlighting some of the potential flaws of learning style-based curriculum.

    Respectfully, Michelle

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