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Unplugged Coding

Episode 43: Unplugged Coding with Sandra Balisky


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Sandra Balisky from Real World Learners is our guest today. She has a background as a math and English teacher and is now homeschooling her own children and working on an online math course for early elementary students. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram

Sandra explained the concept of “unplugged coding” (listen to the episode to hear what it is!)

What coding skills can you learn when you’re not using a computer?

  • Writing a “program” for others to follow that includes giving precise directions. This often entails using positions on a grid or using degrees in a circle to describe location
  • Learning about binary code, how it works and why computers use it, and how to create a simple set of directions with on/off conditions
  • Understanding and coming up with conditional statements (if/then) and playing around with how those affect the overall “gameplay” experience
  • Learning the ins and outs of computer hardware and software
  • Using loops to eliminate repetition and make the code as simple and concise as possible
  • Learning about digital citizenship and how to safely and effectively navigate the online world
  • Developing a growth mindset!! These activities will stretch kids to think and problem solve in new, creative ways. It will also encourage them to persevere and not give up in the face of challenges!

Where can I find resources to help my kids have fun learning these skills without sitting in front of a screen?

Sandra has a post about unplugged coding with a free printable unplugged coding game and she has other unplugged activities for sale:

More Resources that offer lists of activities, printables, and ideas for things to do to practice coding skills offline.

Once your children have learned some principles of coding from unplugged activities, consider signing them up for one of Fundafunda Academy’s Intro to Game Programming Online Class.

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  1. Hey, I liked this. Good addition to learning how to code

  2. Coding activities make learning fun and interactive for kids. It helps them to understand the coding fundamentals and to cement their knowledge. The activities which you have shared are great and very interesting. It would help many to get their kids started with coding. Thanks for sharing and explaining it so well!

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