Virtual Music Lessons

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Virtual Music Lessons

221: Virtual Music Lessons with Sean-David McGoran

Sean-David McGoran from The Tuned In Academy is the guest on today’s episode and we discuss virtual music lessons.

These are the questions he answers:

  1. What are some key reasons children should learn music?
  2. What if my child doesn’t want to play an instrument, should they still learn music?
  3. How is music education beneficial for long-range educational/career goals?
  4. How do virtual music lessons work?
  5. What benefits are there to virtual instruction vs in person?
  6. Does virtual work for all instruments?
  7. Does it work for all ages? All proficiency levels?
  8. Music tuition online programs/videos vs live instruction? Pros and cons

You can find Sean-David at

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Virtual Music Lessons

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