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Momma’s you are normally the main caregiver, homemaker, homeschooling educator in a home of littles. What happens though when you the go-to gal gets sick? What if its serious like hospital sick or long term sick? I have a lot of experience with being a sick momma of many and still making sure our home runs smoothly.

Lets talk today about how to make some changes to your life to help you overcome these difficulties. Also lets take some time consider what to do to prepare for a time such as this. How can you adjust your day to day living to be able to handle a sudden illness.

Caring for Littles including making sure everyone including daddy gets a share of your love and attention.

Homemaking how to keep the home clean and running. Real world things like cooking and budgeting for prolonged illness.

Homeschooling should you change your curriculum because you are chronically ill?

and more…

Also a blessed return from my own illness to podcasting and a warm thank you for your prayers and support.

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