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Signing-of-Constitution-300x195I’ve been moderating a show, Current Issues and the Constitution on this amazing Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network, no bias here – and I’m always amazed at the great questions we receive during the broadcasts as well as after. You see homeschoolers are informed and they KNOW the US Consitution and if they don’t they listen and learn by tuning in to our show.

I never thought about the consitituion much. I mean I knew the jist of it, I knew we celebrated our independence on the 4th of July and I also knew the fundamentals, especially about our rights. But, along with the majority of Americans out there I took the consitution for granted. I liked the idea of my freedom and the story behind the founding of our great nation, but other than that it was one more piece of history to teach my children and move on.

That is until I partnered with my fabulous brother-in-law and began learning from him. Along with my children we realized the American Constitution is a living, breathing document that continues to protect us despite the opposition. We began learning about this in the first class he taught online, American History – that he called “Fabulous Facts,” and the second part “PresEvents” or the events at the time of various American Presidents. Then, Professor Wilson taught an American Government and Elections class, and then he agreed to host this podcast teaching and answering our audience questions.

Wow! Did I learn. But, I’m finding there is so much more to learn.

I recently heard something on the news and then one of our listerners sent me this question which was similar to what I heard:

“I noticed this Democrats-conspiring-rig-electoral-college-law-passed-9-states and it scared me when I read it and wondered what Woody’s [Professor Wilson’s] take was. Michael has been scared for sometime that this next election would never happen or that it would be rigged in some way.”

So, I asked my brother-in-law how to answer the listener and he sent this response…

Professor Wilson’s Answer:

“No can do!  The 12th Amendment to the Constitution requires that a candidate for president must have a majority in the electoral vote to become president.  It would require an amendment to the Constitution to change this age-old procedure.  If states are really trying to do this (you can’t believe everything on the Internet) it would be properly struck down by the Supreme Court.”

I believe our rights will continue to be infringed and trampled upon if we don’t teach our children about this valuable document and stay informed.

What do you think? Could you have answered this question?

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