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Are you a work from home homeschool mom?Have you desired to work from home but don’t know where to start? As a homeschool mom, I could not imagine fitting one more thing into my already bursting schedule. But then the invitations to speak at homeschool meetings, then conferences began–soon, I was writing books. I’ve worked from home as an author since 1992 when I wrote my first book but it was several years later before I launched my Media Angels brand, and a few years later that I incorporated my business, and register trademarked the name. Whew! This was all in the pre-Internet and pre-Facebook days. How I wish I had an amazing podcast for work at home, homeschool moms that I’m about to share with you!

Let’s fast forward and look at what we have today.

Social media is a way of life for many. Even if you are not on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest you have an Internet connection and email, or you would not be reading this! The online world gave a platform to stay-at-home, SAM, and work-at-home moms, WAHM! And… drum roll please, I am so happy to introduce Heather Bowen to you and her new podcast the Homeschool Blogging Podcast. Heather is a long time online friend that I finally met in person at a blogging convention. Heather. Heather is the poster child for work at home homeschool mom! She began homeschooling while she still worked full time as a nurse. The Lord put that on her heart.

Do You Want To Be A Work At Home Homeschool Mom?

She shares her story in her new podcast, and first episode here.

Take a look at Heather’s Podcast

She is a blogger at Life of A Homeschool Mom where she shares information about homeschooling, saving money and so much more. In addition, she is the proud and fairly new owner of Homeschool Blogging. It was designed many years ago as the place to find information about homeschooling and blogging and balancing life in the process. She has given the website a facelift and it is absolutely gorgeous! It promises to be a wonderful place for work at home homeschool mom information!

As homeschool moms, our kid’s education and well being are so important. Relationships with our spouse, finding time for meal planning and household is important as well. So now, we are adding a business on top of our already busy schedule! What’s a mom to do? Listen in weekly to the Homeschool Blogging Podcast where Heather Bowen will share her insider’s tips with all of you. Heather is a successful blogger and runs five blogs (don’t try this at home — just kidding!). She is an expert and she is here to help.

Let’s give Heather an Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network welcome! Please post your welcoming comments here and listen to Heather’s podcast. And, you could end up a winner! One person will be blessed, we are selecting one of you to win the ultimate homeschool mom gift — curriculum! One Premium Media Angels Membership Bundle will be the prize. The number will be selected at random by our Media Angels team! The contest ends on May 28th!

Welcome, Heather Bowen and may you be blessed by the love and support from all of our podcasters on this network as well as those who listen in!

Be sure to subscribe to Heather’s podcast on iTunes, GooglePlay, and all podcast apps!


  1. Judith Martinez says

    I love Heather’s blog! I will have to add her podcast to my Itunes!

  2. Lisa Dorsett says

    Welcome! I enjoy Heather’s blog so much! I will listen to the podcast and add her in my list in the podcast app!

  3. Welcome Heather! I think you will enjoy being linked up with this group. I look forward to your content.

  4. Aubrey Saunders says

    Just what I was looking for!! Thank u!!
    Working from home and homeschooling is a balancing act!!

  5. WELCOME! So glad to be able to connect with Heather. Excited about this new podcast!

  6. Welcome!! Can’t wait to start your podcast! Already love the blog!

  7. Michelle says

    What an awesome opportunity! Looking forward to listening in!

  8. Joy Allen says

    Welcome 😀 I am so excited to listen to your podcast. I am still struggling as a work from home home-school mom. This is just what I needed.

  9. I enjoy reading your blog! Welcome!

  10. Welcome! 🙂

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