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Heavily decorated stores, carols blaring, family obligations looming, kids melting down from the 3rd accidental gluten filled cookie… Starts to make you wonder where the joy of the season went and how can we have a happy healthy holiday with your special needs family?

We are a high allergen large family with intense sensory needs. That means for us the holidays without these simple 4 tips (actually 5 I had to throw in the last because even adults forget) will help you have a very Merry Christmas.

Boundaries- Do you have rules for attending family get togethers? What if cousin has a fever? If you have rules and boundaries make them clear to everyone thus removing the possible burden of a last minute change in plans.

Family- What a great source of support and love! Sometimes a source of pain and anxiety for you and your child.

Pre-Planning- Thinking ahead now about your menu, how many parties you should attend, what clothing to wear can save you heart ache later!

Realistic Traditions- Consider strongly what traditions and how many are you pull along through the season. Most importanatly what is this tradition saying about your holiday season? Is it God centered or have we drifted?

Know When to Call It a Day! Bonus tip that everyone needs to refresh and understand. When you are sleepy, sick, your child is showing signs of melting down, your child uncle just called your child a name…. It’s time to go home.

Using forethought planning and a set foundation for the holiday season helps my family of 7 have a better season. Allowing us all to love and enjoy our family time while staying as healthy as possible.

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Episode 4, Top 4 Tips for Special Needs Families in the Holidays

What tips help your sensory child through the holidays?

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