5 Things Every Mom Should Know To Be Stress Free!

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Let’s Talk About….5- Things Every Mom Should Know To Be Stress-Free

Let’s face it, the holidays are right around the corner. We have Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas all around the corner. Does your throat tighten when you hear your kids say something like, “Hey, Mom! Only 54 days until Christmas.” Gulp… I don’t even want to think about Christmas, right now. Do you? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a wonderful stress-free holiday season. Tune in.





Show Notes: 5 Things Every Mom Should Know To Be Stress-Free

Here are some things you Must Do to become stress-free:

  1. Stop looking at Pinterest
  2. Stop baking
  3. Stop buying
  4. Stop comparing

Okay – now to be serious – the only thing you must agree to do is stop comparing yourself to others!

5- solutions or things every mom should know to be stress free:

  1. Praise Journal
    1. Being thankful is the key – it will help change your mindset
    2. Praise helps stress
    3. Pray about the root cause of the stress
  2. Plan ahead
    1. Monthly & Daily Calendar
    2. Deadlines
    3. What can you take off your list?
    4. What can you give others?
  3. Deep Breaths
    1. Clear your mind
    2. Refocus
    3. Say the name, “Jesus”
  4. Help/ Short Cuts
    1. Who can help you?
    2. Can you plan your time better?
    3. Multi-task jobs
  5. Relax
    1. What is this to you? Bath? A foot soak?
    2. Make the time – even if for just 5-10 minutes.

More Information for Stress-Free Living!

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