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Adversity Score | What is the adversity score? The adversity score is designed to help the underprivileged with fifteen factors that are considered for the "adversity score" to be considered valid for a student. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #collegetesting #adversityscoreCollege Admissions Adversity Score Episode 79

What is the adversity score? The adversity score is designed to help the underprivileged with fifteen factors that are considered for the “adversity score” to be considered valid for a student. College boards do not measure adversity. Or you can be a poor student who lives in an area that is considered “wealthy”…

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What do you think about the adversity score?

Jean believes it is a horrible idea and that lawsuits will soon follow.

It is a method of “gaining” the system and almost an answer to the college scandal where wealthy families paid to beat the college entrance system. One of the methods for being considered in an adversity score is your zip code – Jean says her home is in a zip code area that would be considered as disadvantaged.  Did the admissions scandal cause the institution of the adversity score?

To determine and adversity score students take the questionnaire and it is done on a voluntary basis so anyone can fill this out and claim adversity. It hopes to be instituted in 2021. David Coleman changed the SAT in 2012 – not wanting to lose the income he made the SAT very similar.

Students will be branded by pseudo-psychological questionnaire. SAT is for college-ready students. Not all adversity can be measured.

For example, these are based on 15 questions based on socio or economic adversity – kids never see the scores – the colleges see them. Dehumanizing message for the students – these points of data do not correctly portray the student’s ability.

Adversity Score Depends On:

  • Where do you live?
  • Do you have one parent or no parents
  • Certain things about their background

College Board – Social Conscience? Here is why:

  • Disadvantage criteria of “X – Y – Z” is subjective
  • The student is not considered wealthy if they live in a specific zip code
  • This eliminates merit
  • Similar to a trophy given for participation
  • Adversity score orchestrated by David Coleman of college board fame and common core architect
  • Socialism is used – the survey is voluntary
  • Allows kids not to take responsibility

You don’t need the adversity score – it is better to learn how to overcome adversity.

  • Earn it by practicing test taking (free online)

Fifty schools are on board because they are considered underprivileged – once you get into college you have to make the grades.

Free or low-cost testing:

  • Free tests online – baseline score CollegeBoard – test #1
  •  Print ou the test and take it yourself
  • Get the app
  • – create a profile – criteria – SAT score and rankings – some schools you are thinking of going to – it will show you a graph of the schools that will accept your score
  • College entrance approx scores: 1100 — scholarship 1200 and full scholarship 1300

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  • Reinforces previous days learning
  • Crunch time? Do it allot faster in two to three weeks or less.

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