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Alone Not Lonely

Episode 6 Summary: “Alone, Not Lonely:  Nurturing Creativity by Embracing Boredom”

In this episode of “It’s Not About Money,” hosts Matt and Charla McKinley, the Artisan of Adulting, delve into the importance of resisting the urge to constantly entertain children and allowing them to experience boredom. Charla shares personal experiences and provides a list of 16 activities for kids to do when they claim to be bored. 


Introduction to the Topic:

Matt and Charla discuss the challenges of over entertaining kids and how it can hinder their ability to entertain themselves.  They share personal stories and reflections on the impact of boredom on creativity and self-reliance.

16 Things Kids Can Do When Bored:

Charla presents a list of activities to help kids entertain themselves.  Matt shares some of the ideas, emphasizing the importance of fostering independence and creativity in children.

Understanding the Importance of Alone Time:

Charla reflects on the difference between being alone and feeling lonely.  She shares a powerful anecdote about her daughter’s early experiences with friendship and the steps taken to help her daughter become more comfortable with alone time.

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