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Featured Show Hosts ~ Andy and Kendra Fletcher HomeschoolingIRL

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by Felice Gerwitz ~ Founder of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network

Do you like to laugh? Do you like to find humor in the everyday? Do you like hard hitting topics that others shun? Then let me introduce you to the the Number One Show on this network, HomeschoolingIRL.

Join me in making them NUMBER ONE on iTUnes … go to iTunes and rate their show. This helps bring great, godly shows to others searching for homeschool topics.

You may remember the story, but I’ll share it here again. When the idea came to start this network, I prayed for show hosts. I had met Kendra at a conference the year before and was really taken with how authentic she was, and her life story is powerful. Through her family ordeals…yes, there were many, her faith deepened. Her name came to me very quickly as a top contender. And, not only did she say, yes…but she brought her husband along!

The very talented duo.

When I  heard the first show of Andy (Dr. Fletcher) and Kendra, a husband and wife, homeschool team…I had reservations. I thought they were funny, but would anyone else. Then, I listened again and laughed harder than I did the first time. I personally think they are hysterically funny…but, that’s me. Listen and let me know if you agree.

But, there is more…

Their topics. The first time I looked at the calendar, and saw a very controversial show…I was worried. Could they pull this off…nicely? Without pointing fingers? Without being harsh and judgmental? The monthly calendar is where the show hosts post their show titles, and I use these for the eZine I write with our weekly schedule. I was so relieved when I heard the show. They did it! While I may not totally agree with their position, it was done with love and grace toward others. That is how it should be. We should be able to express our opinions with the thought of explaining why and giving you, the listener the option. Do you agree? Disagree? Do you take away some new knowledge? Did you learn how you can express your disagreement in a nice way and be charitable to your neighbor?

I am very opinionated. My favorite question is, “Felice, can you tell me what you think.” Be careful if you ask me that question, because I will tell you the truth. However, I won’t do it with any animosity or the thought that I am better than you because I know best. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” And, serve we do on this network! Kendra and Fletch knock it out of the ball park. You will never find negative opinions that are finger pointing or hurtful! If you want hard hitting topics that are expressed kindly you will love their show. Their show is God honoring and they point to the Creator. And they do this amazingly well! And, yes with humor!

Andy and Kendra Fletcher HomeschoolingIRL

Kendra Fletcher and Dr. Andy Fletcher, DDS., Homeschool Parents and the Number One Podcasters on this Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.

Can you tell I am a fan?

Everyone has favorites and by their show ratings this one has knocked it out of the ball park, often rating number one weekly. Many shows have come close in listens and downloads …but, not very often! So join me in congratulation our Number ONE ranked show on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. Let me encourage you to give their show a try! Let me know what you love about their show!

  • Who: Dr. Andy Fletcher, DDS., and Mrs. Kendra Fletcher – HomeschoolingIRL
  • Where: Ultimate Homeshcool Radio Network –
  • How: Listen on the website, download to your computer, listen on iTunes, listen on Google Play, or listen on any cell phone app – on your time.
  • When: Weekly at 9:00 AM Eastern
  • Favorite Show: Celebrating 50 Episodes


Where can you find Kendra and Andy?

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