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Art Encouragement for kids. Do you have a budding artist? Five important facts. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #homeschoolart #artArt with Sharon Jeffus and Visual Manna – Episode 373

Have you considered art as a ministry? Join me today with my special guest as we discuss how art can touch the hearts of many and ways that Sharon has used the talents that God has given her to mentor children of all ages, especially teens.

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Show Notes: Art as a Ministry

If a child is a gifted artist, it is important to encourage your child, but Sharon thinks you need to really understand the elements of art. There are so many opportunities that Sharon shares on the audio. Sharon believes there is a structure to art and it is important to know the elements and principles.

There are many places that would love for children to paint murals.

How do you mentor kids who are artistic?

  1. Complement the kids. Be sincere when you say you like something the child did.
  2. Find something small that you like. For example, “I love how you used the color green.”
  3. Give your child opportunities to be creative.
  4. Allow the children to look at some of the master artworks
  5. Take your child to an Art Museum (use caution here). Some places have a tour for kids, talk to them about appropriate pictures.

Mentoring Older Children Serious About Becoming an Artist.

  1. Sharon Jeffus has an online class where she teaches students, visit for more information.
  2. Rainbow Resources has some of Sharon’s classes available for free here. 
  3. Have the students compile a portfolio of pictures makes this is the very best (9-10 works of art) – use different things like a still life, portrait, etc. story illustration, a logo, variety, 2 works of your very best at the beginning and at the very end. Use different mediums as well, digital, watercolors, acrylics, oils, pastels, etc.
  4. Always photograph your work. Keep your original and give away a photograph.
  5. Murals – take pictures

There are many people who will hire students if their work is high caliber. There are ways to earn some money in that way.

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