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Beat Standardized Test Scores | We've all heard the news accounts of the illegal ways that rich parents try to beat the standardized test scores with high payouts and behind the scenes workarounds. | #testscandal #varsityblues #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #testingBeat Standardized Test Scores The Right Way Episode 78

We’ve all heard the news accounts of the illegal ways that rich parents try to beat the standardized test scores with high payouts and behind the scenes workarounds. This has caused a backlash and if you have listened to these podcasts throughout the years you realize that Jean Burk has the answers without cheating!

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Varsity Blues! These people beat the standardized test scores illegally! 

  • A CEO paid 75k to have his child’s SAT scores changed.
  • SAT scores were corrected
  • Proctors are flown in to oversee tests
  • 250,000 was paid to say their child had a disability to get extra time on the test.
  • Another family paid to have a child placed on a water polo team that never played the sport.

Now there has been a huge backlash and many colleges are reevaluating the entry of students caught up in this scandal. With 85% of colleges relying on test scores alone, input from coaches and proctors now colleges like Yale, Standford and Georgetown are considering expelling or denying some of the applications who had a remote connection to Mr. Singer who owned the company that the wealthy hired,

No cheating or wealth needed to beat the standardized scores.

Tips For Test Taking to Beat Standardized Test Scores:

  • SAT means logic skills – critical thinking
  • It is the only fair way to level the playing field among students (otherwise GPA would be based only on your high school experience – this varies greatly.)
  • Programs free (Kahn Academy) or 25K – scores only raised approx. 250 points. College Prep Genius has had increased scores up to 600 points! Very inexpensive. 
  • No age limits on the test – students can begin early. You can’t start too early! Middle school is a perfect time.
  • Accuracy before speed is important
  • SAT and ACT are all about patterns and rules
  • You can learn how to answer the questions quickly with practice-must answer the questions in 30 to 60 seconds or less

Some classes are as high as 25K for SAT and ACT prep – these are only affordable for the rich, however, this is not the norm and you can do so much better with good programs for a fraction of the cost. Check out College Prep here.

There are two types of students. The logic minded – sees patterns naturally and the smart student – the rule follower that wants to take the time and really look over every question. You only have about one minute per question and you can’t be a perfectionist and take this test quickly without some practice.

Beat Standardized Test Scores – More Tips

  • Test taking is a skill
  • Most standardized tests are written in a similar way
  • One correct answer and all the other answers are distractions
  • No instant success
  • Kids have to practice – daily is best
  • Use testing prep as part of your homeschool class
  • Free college is out there with high enough test scores
  • Go to the SAT or ACT official websites for free question of the day
  • Print out the questions and practice doing things with paper and pencil
  • Don’t only use the computer to practice since the tests are given in a written format
  • Test prep even works for Postgrad tests and Military tests.

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