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bird watching with kids
Let’s Talk About Bird Watching With Kids

with Felice Gerwitz

Bird Watching with Kids – Did you know that other than the amazing statistics that over 47 million people in the US that are bird watchers (Source: US Fish and Wildlife Service), you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy this pastime and hobby with your kids. In this podcast, Felice discusses some ways to get the kids involved with activities, supplies needed and information to help you find great places to view birds.

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Show Notes – Bird Watching with Kids

1. Why Bird Watch?

2. What supplies do you need?

  • Field guide – picture of each bird with maps and their range
  • Set of binoculars – greatly improved these
  • Notebook

3. Activities

  • Bird charts – laminated and at the nature stores and museums
  • Bird wall chart – explain how kids memorized all the birds from birds of prey to domestic birds (indigo bunting)
  • Notebooking – list birds observed
  • Charting: Keep a chart of the number of times you see a specific species
  • Bird feeders – make them. Nature center has great info – do not paint!!

4. Best places to see birds

  • Nature preserves
  • Wetlands
  • Parks
  • More activity at dawn
  • Before sunset – owls/ bats
  • Audubon has a bird app

5. Resources

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