Birthday Celebrations Never Too Old

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birthday celebrations never too old
Let’s Talk About Birthday Celebrations Never Too Old!  with Felice Gerwitz

Podcast Episode 138

Whether you are celebrating a milestone birthday or enjoying the day with friends and family you can make each day special no matter what your age! Who said birthdays end at age 18? You are never too old for birthday celebrations! In this episode, I discuss birthdays with little ones, traps to avoid and how birthdays and experiences of the past have shaped my life to toning down the experience for my family.

Show Notes Birthday Celebrations Never Too Old:

  1. Parties or get together’s?
  2. Make memories – celebrate life
  3. Meals – breaking of bread – bread is food – symbolizing life (broken instead of cut)
  4. Fancy vs. budget
  5. Littler the child – rule of thumb – one friend per year
  6. Go over rules with little ones – be thankful for each gift. New trend, presents are not opened.
  7. Older kids/ teens – destination parties – ice skating, roller skating, themed – local pizza place does karaoke with DJ and food for two hours $200
  8. Adults – dinner, family cooks, cook-out, celebrate with nice plates or plastic ware!

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