Can Math Actually Be Fun?

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Can Math Actually Be Fun? An interview with Life of Fred author, Stanley Schmidt.Ever since we started using the Life of Fred math curriculum nine years ago, I’ve wished I could talk to the author of this creative and fun material. So when I started the Homeschool Sanity Show podcast last fall, I knew I would ask Stanley Schmidt to be a guest. I was thrilled when he agreed.


Even though I thought I knew a lot about Life of Fred, I learned a number of  things from Dr. Schmidt, especially what my role as the teacher should be. You’ll want to listen for tips on getting the most out of this fun curriculum and news about Dr. Schmidt’s future plans.


You can find Life of Fred curriculum, complete with sample pages, at Life of To learn more about Dr. Schmidt, visit her personal blog at

You’ll find my complete curriculum review at

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  1. Thanks! Just discovered your show. What a great first show. Greetings and blessings from Taiwan! 🙂

    • mediaangels says

      So glad you found us – thanks so much for writing! We have so many shows on this network – hope you tune in to all of them!

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