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Character Training in Lifeschooling - David and Jason BenhamFor this week’s podcast, Christi and I had the privilege of interviewing the Benham brothers, David and Jason Benham, former pro-baseball players and almost-stars on the cancelled HGTV show, “Flip it Forward,” as well as the authors of two books, Whatever the Cost and Living Among Lions…and of course, homeschooling dads, as well! We talked specifically about character training in homeschooling.

Twin brothers, David Benham and Jason Benham, pretty much share everything. They shared a womb, shared a room, and now share an office. Oh, and they even share a neighborhood! Growing up in Texas, the brothers both chose to marry northern girls, Lori and Tori (yes, those are their real names).

After spending a few years in professional baseball they each chose to hang up their spikes and move to Charlotte, NC. They started their first business in 2003 and currently own several companies that span the globe. David and Lori have five kids and Jason and Tori have four kids.

In 2014, they had their network television show, Flip it Forward, canceled because of their outspoken Christian beliefs. But God took that experience and built a platform for them to encourage Christians to live powerfully for Jesus in the areas of leadership, work, family, and culture. (Bio taken from

And they were also the keynote speakers at our 2017 Lifeschooling Conference in Charlotte, NC.

Here is what we asked David and Jason in our interview:

Some of our listeners may not realize that your families actually homeschool. Tell us why you chose to homeschool?

Danielle: I read your book, “Whatever the Cost,” how your own father, Flip Benham, (who I was actually privileged to minister with for a while with the pro-life group you started, Cities4Life) was so involved with your upbringing and character training even though you weren’t homeschooled. How has that influenced you two in your own families. Are you involved with the homeschooling?

Danielle: In your book, you say, “As Christians, our work is our worship. The Hebrew word for worship – avodah – is also the same word used for work. Our work becomes worship when we do it with all of our might for the glory of the Lord.” This was my biggest epiphany from your book because it fits so well with the whole lifeschooling philosophy! Even in homeschooling, we often take a humanistic approach to education…get good grades, get into a good college so they can get a good job. In fact, we often ask our kids “What do YOU want to be when you grow up?” It’s very self-focused.

With lifeschooling, it’s all about finding our children’s gifts and figuring out God’s unique mission for their lives. We train them to seek first God’s kingdom, and God will give them success in using their gifts for their work. Of course, we can worship God in whatever work we end up doing and there is valuable character training in that, too. But I believe that there is no better way to worship God than to use the gifts He put into us to do the thing that He created us to do! I really believe Satan does not want us to view our children as unique individuals with specific missions from the Lord. He loves the “assembly line” type of homeschooling that treats all children the same and does not allow them to find their gifts. What are your thoughts on that?

Christi: So clearly one of the gifts God gave the two of you is baseball and He certainly used that for His glory. I know many would-be homeschoolers hesitate to homeschool because of the issue of sports. Was this an important consideration in your decision to homeschool? And what value do you put on sports with your children?

Christi: What was it like to film the show and also try to homeschool? I imagine it really was lifeschooling! What did your children learn through that experience?

Christi: What is the one thing you would say to parents considering homeschooling, but who are still on the fence?

Danielle: And finally, can you guys let our listeners know where they can get a copy of your books, Whatever the Cost and Living Among Lions?

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