How To Help Kids Develop Character

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Hey, homeschoolers!

One of the top concerns we have as homeschooling parents is raising children of character. It isn’t enough to just raise smart children. We want our children to evidence the fruit of the spirit. But is there anything we can do to aid character growth apart from praying?

My guest today would say yes! Sean Allen is the founder of The Well Ordered Parent. He is husband to his beautiful bride Caroline and a proud father of seven. He has a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design and is continually working on creating materials that assist families in the beautifully hard work of discipling their children. That includes their popular character training program, Character Badges. Sean speaks about the adventures, joys, and challenges of parenting at homeschool conventions across the country and also on the soon-to-be-released podcast, The Well Ordered Parent.

I know you’ll find Sean to be warm, funny, and grace-oriented, just as I did.

Developing Children’s Character Resources

The Well Ordered Parent Course

Character Badges


Join me next time as I discuss how to incorporate hands-on learning with Penny Mayes.

Have a happy homeschool week!

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