Christmas Around the World

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #175, Christmas Around the World, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Christmas Around the World

In “Christmas Around the World,” Episode, #175, Meredith Curtis introduces you to Christmas celebrations & traditions from Germany, Mexico, England, Bethlehem, South Korea, and the Philippines. Learn about each nation, make a flag ornament or banner, and try out one Christmas tradition from each country.





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Show Notes

Christmas is celebrated with joy around the world!

Learn about different Christmas traditions & incorporate them into your Christmas this  year.


Advent Calendars, Christmas Trees, Christmas Cookies, Christmas Markets, Christmas Villages, Church & Presents Christmas Eve, Christmas Family Day, Second Christmas Give to Poor

Bake German Gingerbread Cookies


Nacimiento (nativity scenes), Poinsettias, Pastorelas (Christmas plays), Pinatas, Farolitos (light in bags), Las Posadas, Christmas Eve Mass

Enjoy a Pinata!


Advent Wreath, 12 Days Christmas, Decorate with Holly, ivy, & Mistletoe, Christmas Lights, Candlelight Carol Services, Caroling, Cards, Christmas Eve Services, Christmas Crackers, Boxing Day

Make a Christmas Cracker


Prophecies about little Bethlehem, Decorations, Each Denomination has its own procession past special sites, Christmas Eve parade & fireworks, Chuch Services

Watch Bethlehem parade on TV

South Korea

Church, Light Displays, Visit Loved Ones carrying Candles house to house, Christmas feast (barbequed meat with rice, sweet potato noodles, kimchi, bean paste, and vegetables), Christmas cake (made w rice flour)

Make a Korean Christmas Dinner


Parol (Christmas lanterns), Christmas trees (made of metal, plastic, or wood), Simbang Gabi (from 12/16 to 12/23 before sunrise services), Christmas Eve Midnight Mass, Christmas cakes (made from rice flour), Ginger Tea

Make a Filipino Christmas Cake & Drink Ginger Tea

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Be proactive this holiday season! 😊

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