Top Seven College Scholarships

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college scholarshipsTop Seven College SCHOLARSHIPS #69

College scholarships can help children get a head start in life. Most people don’t have money saved for college, and this way with scholarships you can help! If children can “earn’ their way with scholarship money they can graduate debt free. 85% of colleges will give scholarships based on merit.

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There is scholarship money out there but up to the student to earn it!

     1.  Merit-based

  1. Based on something your child has done.
  2. GPA, SAT, ACT scores
  3. Qualifications
    1. A first come first serve.
    2. The college has you fill out these scholarships
    3. Specific colleges have a special program.
    4. Some will give you study abroad money – and even a computer or iPad!

2.    Automatic Qualification Scholarships and supplemental scholarships

  1. Some post information on the website
  2. Colleges have different criteria for money based on test scores.
  3. Some based on SAT or ACT only no other information.
  4. Some schools fight for National Merit scholars (based on PSAT in Junior year!)
  5. Check with the college themselves.

Supplemental  — add on money to other scholarships

  1. Sometimes a special department will give money based on a SAT score – school of engineering for example.
  2. National Merit or achievement scholarship, attracted colleges – you can get a specific scholarship – the trustee scholarship.
  3. National achievement – research funding, spending cash, etc.

     3.  Competitive and Direct Competitive:

  1. Different depending on the college.
  2. Outstanding income freshman can apply in some colleges. Full scholarship for four years, if you receive. First-time freshmen can apply. There is a minimum SAT or ACT scores required.
  3. Direct competitive – will take the scholarship applications. Can include an interview or an essay. Some have transfer student scholarships.


      4. Athletic – athletic as well as good scores

  1. NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association – D-1 or D-2
    1. Club athletics – some of these institutions – badminton, fencing, lacrosse, judo, etc.
  2. NAIA – National Association of Intercollegiate Atheletes – smaller colleges, and private colleges
  3. NJCAA – National Junior College Association – two year or associate degree college
  4. NCCAA – National Christian College Athletic Association – D-1, D-2 for Bible college, etc.

      5. Arts – can be very competitive

  1. Based on merit — dance, music, art, theatre, photography, Videography
  2. Auditions possibly required
  3. Specific music schools that specialize in specific medium
  4. Schools of theatre major
  5. Schools of videography

      6. Merit Scholarships based upon Activities – Team-based: Journalism, Cheerleading, Journalism

  1. Activities you belong to and are involved with a competitive edge.
  2. Journalism – newspaper writing, yearbook, etc.
  3. The band — marching band

      7. State

  1. Varies depending on your state
  2. Look at your state for information about in-state scholarships
  3. Based on test score – full rides on trade school –


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