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Testing Secrets During COVID | With so much misinformation out there about college testing here are the testing secrets during COVID, Jean Burk with College Prep Genuis is here to set the record straight. | #podcast #testingpodcast #homeschoolpodcast #testingsecrets #SAT #ACT #CLT #testingsecretsCollege Testing Secrets In The Time Of COVID ~ Episodes 80

With so much misinformation out there about college testing here are the testing secrets during COVID, Jean Burk with College Prep Genuis is here to set the record straight. Tests are constantly being canceled, and it is such a confusing time. With so much frustration among students and families, here is a simple guide of 5 top tips to help you navigate the uncertainty.

If you are the parent of a college to be a student it has been a very confusing time. People are worried, and confused about what to do – is there liability if someone gets sick? Parents are angry with the SAT college boards and ACT college boards. But Jean explains test makers do have a link with updates with cancellations and extended testing time and additional test times. She suggests you pay more attention to the college board websites rather than a friend that has misinformation.

Tests may be canceled but not necessarily in your area. The wrong information is being shared and that is the issue. First, one claim is that the SAT and ACT tests are going away. They are not going away. There are some schools that are temporarily suspending the testing for right now.

ARTICLE – California school system the USC which has 10 schools out of nearly 5000, and they are coming up with their own test which is similar to the ACT and SAT – Keep in mind there is misinformation out there.  80% of colleges give scholarship money just based on a test score.  The reason colleges can not just use transcripts is that different high schools have different levels of difficulty. For example, if a student has a 4.0 or 4.5 transcript in high school in one school, and they are not the same value as a student in another school. On paper, they look the same but the school load or class load can be very different.

College Testing: SAT, ACT & CLT:

The one numerical component that is fair to all kids is a fair system known as standardized testing. There have been cries that it is biased, but actually, it is not. It is based on logic, reasoning skills, and the ability to answer questions under a time constraint and pressure. It crosses the socioeconomic group as well. Colleges achieve their national ranking based on test scores. Colleges get more money based on ranking. SO, these are extremely important for the college.

Five Tips to Taking Test During Difficult Times:

  1. Find a location that is having the test. School search button – zip code, schools in your area. It gives you a place to start. If you are not finding a location, your support group your co-op you can become your own test facility. Link collegeprepgenius.com/testingsites — directly to the information you need to figure this out. ACT as well. If the facilities are canceled – you can reschedule or get a refund. To transfer you have to complete the form on the website. Be sure you have the right, email to the account. [Cancelling happens – you can get it canceled by online form or call the phone number. It takes a while to get your refund, so keep that in mind.
  2. Alternative tests – if your ACT is canceled see if the SAT is canceled – they are about 99% the same test … still doing well if you know how to logically answer the question and beat the test. The new PSAT date – offering a Jan. 26th If you have a junior right now, don’t take the Oct. test. Wait for the Jan. test you have several more months to promise. National Merit Scholarship is based on the PSAT test only in the Jr. year. One student went up 590 points in your SAT in 5 months! You can get a full ride to just about every school. Full ride, full tuition, dorms, money in cash, the perks and benefits are unbelievable.

Oct. CLT – All of a sudden (Classical learning Test – PODCAST) proctored remotely and schools began accepting the CLT that never accepted it before. All schools were accepting the CLT now since the pandemic. Read more about how to beat the CLT – tips CollegePrepGenius.com/clt – information about it.

Could apply to a test-optional school without a SAT and ACT not required but to get scholarship money you need a SAT and ACT 0 80-90 percent of students will still submit a score. It will set you apart in a negative way, even though they are not required, it is important to the school. Submit other tests instead of the AP or IB tests, school-administered placement test. Catch: Vary between universities. AP will work in one school and not another. Require means a minimum.

  1. Deferred Exam score submission. Allow new students to enroll that they will submit score later when they can –bought yourself some time to study for it. At this point, it is not clear if you don’t make a high enough score, so it is a gray area. It gives you a grace period. But, no scholarship.
  2. Special accommodation for high school students – if you are a senior right now, and not taken the test –early registration access to the test. Who has not taken it you will get priority. If you have taken the test it does not apply, but If you have never taken the test it applies.
  3. Don’t stop test prep. Use this as a grace period. It is a time to study they are beatable test; it is a different skill test. It is knowing how to take the test. Learning the logic makes the test beatable; the questions are purposely misleading. It is a skill because the colleges are testing your ability to answer questions under pressure in a short amount of time.

Your decision should be the institution and not the money on how to pay it. Do not worry about content, learn the recurring patterns, standardized questions, and standardized answers. Success can be yours! 3-Day and 8-week Boot Camp online. Online eCourse at no cost. Proven program with lots of awards.


  1. Thanks so much for the recent podcast on how to navigate test cancellations during this COVID season. I picked up some great tips to share with my students!
    One important correction, though. You mentioned the California public university system and referred to it as “the USC” (and mentioned 10 campuses). This is incorrect; USC is the University of Southern California, a large private university in LA. You meant to say the University of California (UC) system. They are test-optional this season (with a recent injunction asking them to be test-blind). And it is true that this affects their 10 campuses, but it is also worth noting that the other California public university system, the CSU (California State University), which has 23 campuses, is also suspending its use of SAT/ACT this year.
    So all in all, 33 campuses in California will be test blind and/or test optional this year.
    Thanks again,

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