College – You’re Accepted Now What?

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youre-accepted-into-college-now-what-1You’re Accepted Into College – Now What? with Jean Burk

You’ve gotten the letters, you’ve made the choice – and now it’s countdown until the big day – the first day of college. How do you prepare? What do you take with you, what do you do now? In this podcast, Jean Burk shares a list of many things to jump start your prep on getting to college prepared. From the creator of the college prep genius course, Jean always encourages students to be prepared, so why not with the approaching college day? Listen to this audio and invite your teen to listen as well – on your smart phone or computer.

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Show Notes: The New SAT – All About the Read

Podcast #43

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Show Notes: You’re Accepted Into College – Now What? 

  1. Just relax
  2. Start scheduling your classes
  3. Room and roommate assignments- meet if possible
  4. Go to the student orientation for the school
  5. Call or skype your roommate
  6. Set Goals – spiritually or physically
  7. Purchase everything you need for your dorm
  8. Make sure your medical records are up to date
  9. If you are taking a car – make sure it is up to date (inspected if your state does this)
  10. Bank account info is all set up
  11. Job – save your money
  12. Get your first-semester book list -purchase early or rent
  13. Social network – use it to find incoming freshmen
  14. Let your family and friends know how important they are to you.

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