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CommonCoreUncovered_CurrentIssuesandtheConstitution.comProfessor Woodrow Wilson with moderator Felice Gerwitz answer YOUR questions in this segment about common core!

This show focuses on things you can do as well as understanding the Constitution our rights and the impact to homeschoolers.

Here are the links we shared during this segment.

HSLDA – Common Core FAQ – Here is the website


The YouTube Video of the Man Being escorted out of the school board meeting. This is an interesting video for those who think the “hype” over #CommonCore  – View It Here

Enjoy this podcast and the information contained. Listen on iTunes – RSS Feed or download.


We posted this last week but it bears repeating

I want to thanks, HSLDA for the wonderful work they did on developing the Common Core Movie

I appreciate the work of both Michael Farris and Michael Smith with HSLDA.

Common Core – the Movie by HSLDA

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