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NoCOMMONCore-currentissuesProfessor Woodrow Wilson with moderator Felice Gerwitz discuss common core standards adopted in many states across the US.

I homeschool so common core shouldn’t have any impact on me or my family, right? Wrong! We don’t know what the future holds as the Federal Government has given states incentives to join the the “Race to the Top” the 3.45 Billion dollar –part of the stimulus package.

Bill Gates donated money to the following groups:  US. Dept. of Education, The National Governors Association, Council of Chief State School Officers, Fordham Institute, Foundation for Excellence in Education, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Join us for an informative issue about common core!

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I want to thanks, HSLDA for the wonderful work they did on developing the Common Core Movie

I appreciate the work of both Michael Farris and Michael Smith with HSLDA.

Common Core – the Movie by HSLDA

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