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How do you count your blessings?

Speaking and exhibiting at conventions is very hard work. I’ve done this since 1994 and after taking a few years off to regroup, and follow the Lord’s leading in starting this podcast network, I’m back! I attended the FPEA conference in Orlando this past weekend and was blessed beyond measure.

Five things really impacted my weekend. The first, I was able to connect with podcasters Hal and Melanie Young, along with three of their boys. I laughed as I watched them being “real boys” and sword fighting with the wooden swords, instead of setting them up for the display. Of course, the display was done and the entire booth was gorgeous in plenty of time.

Second, my booth was right across from Heather Laurie, who doesn’t let her medical issues stand in the way of spreading joy. She had a ready smile for anyone who stopped by and she was quick to answer questions and point them in the right direction when needed. I’ve known Heather for many years via her Special Needs Facebook group, and it was a pleasure to see her for this extended period of time.

Third, I was also blessed by the wonderful people who stopped by the booth. Real moms with kids who they worry about and wonder if they will are doing the right thing. Yes! Homeschooling is the right thing, especially if you have a struggling learner or gifted child (or any child in between) – and I should know. My kids vary in ability, but I believe homeschooling is the BEST decision my husband and I have ever made for our family.

Count Your Blessings

– Here I am counting mine-

count your blessings

Fourth, I was so surprised to speak to a mom who shared her boys love of the Truth Seeker’s Mystery Series. She explained that her younger son didn’t like to read but because of the enthusiasm of her older son – her youngest wanted to read the book. The boys are competitive and were enjoying teasing each other as they shared the book and tried to read the chapters to find out what happened before the other one could. Not only that but her son asked, “How old do you think ‘she’ (the co-author – my daughter, Christina) is now?” He apparently had visited our website after reading the book and learned in the “About the Author” page that Christina was now grown up with children of her own. And, she was a homeschool mom. I was able to share a picture from my phone, with the young fan – and the promise to come back to the FPEA conference in May so he could meet her in person. (We’ll be speaking in the Spring.) I want to thank this mom (Renata) for taking the time to share this wonderful story with me. Sometimes authors wonder how the readers like their book – and this was so special to meet and hear it from the young readers!

And, fifth – I was blessed that my husband was able to accompany me. We had a wonderful time, enjoying fellowship with friends who are homeschool vendors and travel around the country selling books as well as meeting new friends who visited our booth. This was a very special time and it was made even more special by the fabulous new board of directors of the FPEA, and the director, Suzanne Nunn. The conference coordinator, Cathy did a fabulous job and her attention to details – like our rooms and stay, made our job easier. If you have a chance to attend a homeschool convention you will walk away filled with so many wonderful memories, and I urge you to make an effort to visit one in your area.

Lastly, I am thankful for all of you – you’ve been wonderful supporters of this podcast network and I can’t thank you enough for your emails and encouragement throughout the year! I’m counting my blessings – and you, my friend are one! Happy Thanksgiving!


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