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cure for worn out momsAre you a worn out mom? Is there a cure for a worn out mom? Let’s go over the short list of the things you need to do each and every day…

It is important to take care of the house.

It is important to take care of the kids.

It is important to take care of your spouse.

It is important to take care of feeding your family.

It is important to take care of homeschooling you children.

What about yourself?

The sentences above read like an elementary primer. I have been in this same exact situation. Mothering for over thirty-five years, married for thirty-seven and well, a woman for longer than that. However, who has time for themselves? Isn’t it selfish to think about yourself?

When was the last time you: (without the kids)

  • read a book for fun
  • took a long walk and enjoyed the scenery… alone
  • took a long luxurious bath without looking at the time
  • went shopping with friends and out to lunch

Who has time, right? I know – we love our kids, our spouse, our homes… I’m not saying you don’t — but every once in a while you should take time out for you. Because you deserve it? Maybe, but most of all because a little “time out” can help us reset, and recharge our batteries. Let’s face it, most of us are worn out. We are too tired to think and in fact often “lose it” because we are exhausted.

What if we don’t have the time and the luxury to do some of those things, like take a bubble bath … alone? There is a cure for the worn out mom.Well, there is an option and it happens monthly around here. Join our Mommy Jammies Night group of

And, it is right here and happens monthly, usually around the second Tuesday of every month. It is our mommy jammies night, a time to relax with your girl friends and have fun – all from home. I invite you to join our Mommy Jammies Night group of PJ clad moms from all over the world, and take that break! Come get refreshed and recharged, right from home … and bring a friend. Even better, be sure to subscribe to the podcast and receive all the updated sessions right to your phone or computer. Visit our FAQ page for details on how this works.

This month we have an amazing prize – but then, each month we have an amazing prize! The prize is right here in this post (and will be removed after the contest ends) so be sure to enter!

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  1. looking forward to hearing Colleen speak as always! first visit here….

  2. It is really hard for me to take time just for myself because I’m so busy with other things. Probably my most “me time” would be when I set aside time in Dec. every year to do my yearly sewing for my family for Christmas. No it isn’t time that I sew for myself, but I enjoy being able to get away and create things that I know they will enjoy. Thanks again for an awesome Mommy Jammies Night!

  3. I’m having a baby next month and will definitely be tired and busy, with 5 boys in the house! I’m really going to need advice on finding stylish, but modest nursing clothes.

  4. Jennfer Lynne says

    I love Colleen Hammond. I look forward to listening to all of the podcasts too!

  5. maryfrances says

    This would be beneficial to so many of us, whether we realize it or not. If we take better care of ourselves, we will be in better mind to take care of others, especially our loved ones.

  6. Judith Martinez says

    I’m working on making some changes so I can take better care of myself. I waste too much time on activities that aren’t really productive but aren’t really relaxing either.

  7. This would be really timely for me! I’ve recently been coming to the end of myself and realizing that taking care of me isn’t just a “good idea” but a MUST.

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