ABC’s of Finding Money For College

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finding money for collegeLet’s Talk about Finding Money for College with Jean Burk

Podcast 25

Where is the money for college? Many times scholarships, grants or special available gifts are unclaimed because …well, no one knows about them! In this podcast Jean explains the right and the wrong way to go about finding this extra money for college and how you can keep those college loans way, way down.

Jean Burke is an award-winning author and creator of College Prep Genius

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Show Notes for Finding Money for College with Jean Burk

Do you have a game plan for finding money for college? Do you know what questions to ask about finding money for college? Here’s is what we discuss in this podcast and don’t forget to catch the podcast on Financial Aid Here.

  1. Three questions to ask colleges about money
  2. What is merit aid?
  3. What is need-based aid?
  4. What is the formula for getting more money?
  5. What are the available college opportunities?
  6. What are special state scholarships?
  7. What percentage of colleges give money based on test scores?

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