73 – Five Great Homeschooling Ideas

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Five Great Homeschooling Ideas Let’s Talk about Five Great Homeschooling Ideas!

with your host Felice Gerwitz

After homeschooling for many years there are some things that work great – and others, well…not so great. I know that many of you have great ideas as well! Hope you will share it with all of us as well! These are five great homeschool ideas that will transform your homeschool from mediocre to fabulous! Believe me, if you clone traditional school and try to make it homeschool you will find it difficult to stay on course.

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Show Notes
 The main points below explain what I consider five great homeschool ideas – in fact, these are the backbone of my homeschool foundation. I am a proponent of making homeschooling unique and not a replica of traditional school – and that is exactly what I try to do each day. Do we use textbooks and workbook? Yes, at times, however it is important to create a home environment where learning takes center stage. Do your kids ask you to play with their science equipment? Among other antidotal stories, Felice shares this with you.
Main Points:
1. Get rid of busy work
2. Make school unique
3. Find non-academic areas of interest – gifts/talents
4. Alone Time
5. Academics
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