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fun summer projects, learning, fun learningLet’s Talk About FUN Summer Learning!

I know, I know, summer is here and the kids need down time to relax and have fun. I agree, giving kids time to explore their loves and interests is very important to me … and to them, but for how long? Summers sometimes drag on after the initial excitement, so what’s a mom to do? Join Felice as she discusses fun activities for the children that center around learning (shhhh!) and you’ll be surprised at the outcome.


Printable: Printable-Summer-Activities-That-Teach-Copyright2015-FeliceGerwitz


Here are some ideas for fun summer projects and ideas – be sure to download the printable and add fun summer projects of your own.

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  • Creation camp at home
  • Melting Crayons – take broken crayons and melt them in the oven in muffin tins using paper liners. (These stink!!) Keep the area well ventilated – cool and remove paper before using.
  • Puzzles – have the children draw a picture and cut it out in puzzle shapes and have them put it together – or make your own – use coloring book pages -art lessons
  • Jelly Jar Crafts – use ripped pieces of tissue paper and white glue – paint brush – use empty jelly jars or any type of glass jars and “paint” triangles or squares on the outside – fill with some sand and a small tea-candle. Fun table decoration. You can do this for holidays – like the Fourth of July using red white and blue

Business/ Entrepreneur

  • Selling lemonade -lemonade stand – etc.
  • Create a website – learn how to put up a website using a template on WordPress or learn to html code (or older students).
  • Fix or repair and sell
  • Write a book for sale
  • Host a play and collect food cans for the needy – donate to a soup kitchen

Health/ Healthy Eating

  • Safety rules – understanding water safety
  • Teach about repellants that are safe – such as Terrashield essential oils by Doterra
  • Time to learn new things – cooking
  • Sun cooking – make s’more’s using the sun to melt the chocolate
  • Fruit kabobs – have the kids make their own – use this as well for griling meats such as chicken


  • Collections – bug collections – butterflies – pressed flowers
  • See how high you can count and other number contests – such as skipping rope – how many times can you jump without stopping or messing up.
  • Games that help with math such as card games
  • How many ____ can you count? How many red trucks, green items, etc.
  • Mental math – give each other problems to do in your head without pencil and paper. Do not keep score at first, then keep score to see how has the most correct.


  • Dress up – let the kids use their imaginations
  • Create your own play and act it out – use backdrops drawn (art)
  • Characterization – imitate your favorite story book character and take turns guessing who this is.
  • Practice public speaking. Do impromptu speeches using real life situations.
  • Practice the correct responses. For example, you get the wrong food at a restaurant, what do you say.
  • Answering the phone – what is the correct and incorrect way to answer a phone.
  • Create a short commercial – either a 30 second or 60 second commercial. Record this on a digital device and play it back. How did you do?
  • Create a podcast. What would your topic be? What would you say?


  • Scavenger hunts – geocaching
  • Create a map using your memory – start small – try to map out the backyard, the neighborhood, the way to church, grocery store, etc.
  • See if you can draw a US or World Map!
  • Buried treasure – hide a “treasure” typically something small and give someone verbal instructions on how to find it, using north, south, east and west – right and left, etc.


  • Select Fun Reading Books – List Here – Give awards or sign up for Pizza Hut or Library Rewards Program – or “Reading with the Rays” or other baseball reading incentive baseball programs.
  • At home contests – how many books can you read in a week, a month, etc.
  • Create a reading place – somewhere to go when you read a favorite book.
  • Set up a reading library, begin collecting books.


  • Amusement parks and physics –
  • Bugs – summer is a time for many types of bugs
  • Collections – bug collections – butterflies – pressed flowers
  • Create a solar oven
  • Create a Volcano
  • Rainbows – prisms or water hose










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