Getting Started with Classical Education

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Classical educators have a high view of humanity- humans are created in the image of GodGetting Started with Classical Education

While it might not seem like Classical Education has anything to do with Life Skills, I beg to differ. Great educational pedagogy has everything to do with learning and classical education brings great tools to the table to teach your kids anything and everything! Take a listen!

  • Classical educators have a high view of humanity- humans are created in the image of God
  • Classical Educators are Logocentric – the world makes sense
  • Classical educators take responsibility for the western tradition
  • Classical educators integrate subject matter
  • Classical Books and Art
  • Idea-focused teaching


THE SEVEN LIBERAL ARTS -the arts of thinking

Trivium The human ability to use verbal symbols (language)

Quadrivium – the basis of philosophy or theology The human ability to use symbolic language such as numbers, shapes and their relations (math)

  • Arithmetic
  • Geometry
  • Music
  • Astronomy


Focus on TOOLS of LEARNING (skills) just as much as WHAT YOU ARE LEARNING (content)

Memoriae mater studiorum  -Memory is the Mother of Learning

True North Homeschool Academy provides classes, ebooks and support for Classical Educators! We love coming alongside YOU to create the homeschooling experience of your dreams with live online classes, clubs, Advising, Testing and more!


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