Household, Meals, Shopping and Bill Lists

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lists for grocery, shopping, household and billsLet’s Talk About Household, Meals, Shopping and Bill Lists with Felice Gerwitz

Organization is pivotal to a well-rounded home, and planning is important – however, without a to-do list, most are often lost! In this episode, Felice breaks done shopping and bill paying in zones – household, meals, shopping and bill paying. When to do this and how to keep track of all of this, without forgetting a bill or trying to make a salad only to find you don’t have lettuce!

Show Notes: Household, Meals, Shopping and Bill Lists


  • Cleaning
  • Managing Others
  • Scheduling


  • Buying Food
  • Cooking
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Baking Ahead


  • Scheduling
  • Break it up into several stores:
  • Food: Grocery Store – Warehouse – Walmart/ Target
  •  Household: Walmart – Warehouse – Target
  • Clothing: Warehouse – Discount Store



  • Paying Bills – Online or mailed
  • Paying and Scheduling


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