How To Ace The ACT

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How to Ace the ACTHow to Ace the ACT

Podcast 63

Did you know that College Prep Genius teaches you how to ace the ACT? Truthfully, test anxiety is half the battle. Changing your mindset is important. In this podcast, Jean Burk discusses information about the ACT and how to ace this important college entrance test to gain valuable college scholarships and minimize college debt!

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Show Notes: How to Ace the ACT

  1. What does ACT stand for? American College Test
    1. ACT says it is not like the SAT but it is not true.
    2. 20 years ago it made a difference about what test you took.
    3. ACT – practice tests and prep guide only use official questions!
    4. Do not get books prior to 2015 – do not get old tests.
  2. Which college takes the ACT?
    1. However now 100% of colleges take either one.
    2. If a school prefers one over the other – they use a conversion score.
    3. Ask the school, they will tell you.
    4. One more point on an ACT can convert to 20K
  3. Differences/Similarities with SAT and ways to Ace the ACT
    1. Both standardized test
    2. Assess critical thinking and problem-solving skills
    3. Both tests questions objective.
    4. SAT – 2 Math 1 Reading 1 Writing | ACT 1 Math 1 Science 1 Reading and 1 Writing (Listen to the audio for the specifics.)
    5. Both objectives can a student do well under pressure?
    6. SAT is an unlimited number of attempts – ACT up to 12 attempts
      1. You are not hindering anything taking it more time.
      2. You will see patterns in the test, or you are more familiar with it.
  • You can use a Super Score… the highest scores from each test.
  1. SAT – 1600 and the ACT – 36
  1. Is the ACT more content-based than the SAT?
    1. The big myth is that the ACT has more content
    2. The ACT has spent money in promoting it measures your high school ability. However different schools teach different things so that is impossible.
    3. Not true, they are both logic tests – how well a student can think through a question in about 1 minute and then move on.
  2. What is the TIR?
    1. Recommended to order this service. Test Information Release for the ACT –it gives them a test back. Shows the areas you had trouble in. You have results given.
    2. Highly recommend, you take the ACT test Dec, April, and June
  3. Where to find the right way to practice?
    1. Learning test-taking strategies is key.
    2. Wrong answers are very tricky! Answers you are more than likely going to pick if you don’t understand the logic behind the questions in the answer.
    3. Need to change your approach to the test.
    4. You can answer the questions in 30 seconds or less.
    5. Be sure the test book is 2016 or later.
  4. Do I need to be really good in science to do well on the ACT?
    1. This is not a science test. More about knowing and reading and finding the info that restates what is in the passage. All the info is right in front of you.
    2. Circle keywords are important.
    3. Science sections have 5 types of questions, overall, questions about chart or graph, numbers or inferences, double facts, and it is knowing where the information is found.
  5. How long do you get per question?
    1. Timing – less time on the ACT
    2. Knowing test-taking strategies is so important. There are not several minutes to
    3. English – 75 questions 45 min –36 seconds per question
    4. Math –60 questions 60 min – 1 seconds per questions
    5. Reading –40 questions 35 min – 52 seconds per questions
    6. Science –40 and 55 min –1+ min per question
    7. Essay Time: 40 minutes for a prompt question – generally have to do with high school life. (Optional)
  6. Let me know about the secret chance to take the ACT …and how to ace the ACT
    1. 23 Secrets to Standardized Test – links here
    2. Residual ACT –offered 6 times a year nationally. You can take it in nonconventional times during the year. Given on many campuses several times a year. Take it on your time. It will only apply to that school.
    3. Get your results very quickly.
    4. You can avoid the late fees and deadlines by paying at the college itself.
  7. What other pertinent links can you share?
    1. Which colleges will super score the SAT
    2. Essay – college requires it or not
    4. What score converts – Some schools will give more money on one test over the other. A similar score is higher and more money is offered for it!


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