How To Avoid 5 Common Freshman Mistakes

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how to avoid 5 common freshman mistakesHow To Avoid 5 Common Freshman Mistakes

This is the second of a two-part series on how to avoid common mistakes freshmen make – listed are possible thoughts your college freshman to be may have and ways to combat these possible pitfalls.

Invite your teen to listen to this episode with you – the most important information to help your teen be prepared. 

by Jean Burk

Show Notes: How to Avoid 5 Common Freshman Mistakes 

  1. You have to be the exact same person you were at home or in highschool
  2. You can’t be as good as everyone else.
  3. Think that your dorm room is the best place to hang-out
  4. To be a gentleman you pay for a young lady – (or for females – you allow the guys to pay)
  5. You have to take a ton of credits

Bonus Mistake – It is not going to happen to me. (Whatever “that” is …)





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