How To Avoid 6 Common Freshman Mistakes

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College - You're Accepted Now WhatHow To Avoid Common Freshman Mistakes by Jean Burk

Podcast #44

Better to be safe than sorry – right? Here are some things your child may think when they leave for home, now is the time to go over some of these very common freshman mistakes.

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Show Notes: How To Avoid Common Freshman Mistakes 

  1. You can eat anything you want
  2. You can stay up all hours of the night and make it to my 8:00am class
  3. Stay up all night – or partying
  4. You can ask other people to get you a drink – beware!
    1. never assume your face
    2. never accept a drink from a new friend
    3. people can put things in your drink
  5. Introverts? Don’t make any friends
  6. You have to be the same person you were in highschool

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