How your teens can build their own computer

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How your teens can build their own computer

91: How your teens can build their own computer

August Smith, who is now studying to be a Mechanical Engineer is our guest and explains how your teens can build their own computer – because it is something he did as a high school student.

August has been a student at, and then a teaching assistant for show sponsor FundaFunda Academy. The classes he has assisted with are the Scratch and Python coding classes.

Resources August used

August explains why teens should build their own PC, the different parts they will need, how to select the right brand, model and size, how to put the parts together and how to decide on and install an operating system. Listen to the episode for all the info. He also talks about the cost.

And if you are listening to this episode before the end of July 2020, you will get a coupon for a BIG discount on August’s Stop Motion Animation class.

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How your teens can build their own computer


  1. I look forward to listening to this episode and sharing it with my boys. They are very much into computers these days. I have circuit boards laying everywhere.

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