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So many times we sit miles away, listening to the news and we feel helpless when hear about families torn apart by war. Well, no longer. I heard about a group of bloggers banning together in order to bring the plight of the people suffering to LIGHT. The attrocities are currently taking place in parts of Iraq and Syria – people are fleeing their homes because of ISIS terrorist activities. The organization Food for the Hungy is providing food and other relief support and they are in need of our help!

Finally, I no longer feel helpless. In some small way, from my home so many thousands of miles away – I can help with prayer and financial support.

The direct website to find out more information and to participate is I Am Your Voice

The link to download the Supporter’s Guide is Here

You too can help spread the word. If you own a blog let people know … if you have a blog please consider posting about the efforts however small we can make toward donating to this worthwhile cause. If you are on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinerest or Twitter – share this post as well as a special video created for this very purpose. Use the hashtag #Iamyourvoice

Video Link Here

Small steps but if we all take them together, one-step-at-a-time, we can make great strides in helping those who are helpless to aid themselves. In this imperfect world in which we live there will be causes like this and so many other that need our help & support – this one is timeless as Food for the Hungy is always in need of resources.

Steps I will take:

1. Praying – for those who are serving the poor.

2. Praying for those who are blogging and using social media to call attention to this plight.

3. Praying for those who are evil that they are brought to repentance and see the LIGHT.

4. Spreading the word with this post, social media and through my newsletter.

5. Donating – every amount whether large or small is a great help!

How are you helping to promote?

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