Life Skills Your Kids Need Before They Launch

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This show is called Life Skills, so let’s talk about 6 Life Skills Areas that will allow your kids to launch!Life Skills Your Kids Need before they Launch

This show is called Life Skills, so let’s talk about 6 Life Skills Areas that will allow your kids to launch!

  • Food – Plan, Prep, Budget, Shop, Cook, Clean, Use Left-overs
  • Shelter -Shop for, save for pay mortgage and insurance
  • Vocation/ Work -what areas make sense for your kids, preparing for the future economies, including Gig Economy
  • Money -how to earn, save, spend, give
  • Health -keeping it, re-building, mental, social, physical, spiritual
  • Transportation – how to buy a car, maintain it, clean it, repair it and insure it.

True North Homeschool Academy Classes that teach Life Skills:

Personal Finance

Life Skills `


Career Exploration 6 Week Summer Class

Career Exploration Full Year Class

Study Skills 6 Week Summer Class

Study Skills Full Year Class


Classes in Bible, Theology and Apologetics

Other Resources

Joy of Cooking

Usborne First Cookbook

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