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Literature in the homeshcool

Literature in the Homeschool, Part Two

You can listen to Part One here.

a Family Renewal Podcast with the Waynes.

You’ve asked for a more specific list with recommendations that are age-based and appropriate. We really enjoy the missionary biographies from YWAM publishers. That’s not necessarily classical literature, but our kids enjoy it, too. We had one son finish all 48 books in the series!

When we think of literature, we tend to think of those great books. Some books are also great for read-alouds.

You do need to be mindful that not everything that’s considered “classic” is something you should hand to your children unfiltered. There’s a lot of teaching that needs to happen. The Scriptures are our plumbline for what’s good.

Join Israel Wayne every month as he discusses life, theology, Christian Apologetics, education, family and cultural issues from a Biblical worldview. Israel is an author and conference speaker who often speaks at homeschooling conferences, and churches, as well as marriage and parenting seminars.

Finally, the information he teaches around the nation will be available to listeners like you. Each broadcast will be about a half hour and will feature interviews and thoughtful commentary from Israel and his guests.

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An author of six books and a regular author in several publications. Israel writes about homeschooling, Christian Apologetics and family-based Biblical discipleship.

Israel is a popular conference speaker who desires to see God’s people learn to think and live Biblically. He is a regular keynote speaker at events nationwide.

Israel publishes frequently on Facebook and Twitter about his thoughts on current events. Follow him online and join in the discussion and learn about events!

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