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MommyJammiesNight_144Gifts come in different shapes and sizes and I often marvel at the amazing group of talented people the Lord has brought into my life. It began with my co-author, Jill Whitlock, she and I spent many hours together in the writing of our books, the Creation Science Study Guides. Jill was a homeschool mom and geologist. After completing her homeschool journey she moved to Ft. Lauderdale where she worked for Creation Studies Institute, teaching classes and ghost writing curriculum. Jill met with an unexpected and untimely death in December of 2007. At that time I re-evaluated many things, one was continuing on with something we had planned to do and that is create audio classes to go along with our books, at Media Angels®, Inc.

As we jump in 2014 I am dismayed to see that it has been seven years since Jill died and I only have three classes completed with one left to go, and that is the Creation Geology class. I see many other things that I need to accomplish such as publishing more books, and adding show hosts to this Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.

I have so many ideas that the Lord has given to me, however I have become sidetracked. Does that ever happen to you? Do you become sidetracked?

In prayer, I’ve asked the Lord to point out ways I can be released of several obligations… and one is the topic I bring to you tonight, Mommy Jammies Night. You see, I LOVE Mommy Jammies – it began as an idea in the mind of my southern, friend Cindy Rushton. She had occasional Mommy Jammies Night – a time to sit back and be blessed by amazing talks and presentations. When I purchased the Ultimate Homeschool Expo from her in 2010, I acquired Mommy Jammies! I couldn’t believe that was the event the Lord wanted me to step away from… so I prayed. And, a name popped into my head of a lady I know, online that I thought would be perfect.

But, I prayed some more. Then, I asked another well placed blogger friend. And, can you guess the name that popped into her head … yes, the same one.

So, I reached out to this person, who (surprise, surprise) said, yes! She is so excited! She attends Mommy Jammies regularly, and once commented, “No one told me to bring tissues to this event.” Yes—many of our speakers touch our hearts, encourage and open our minds to the truth that comes from following Christ. These sessions often lead us to the help and support to take care of our families. These sessions are such a blessing.

Tonight we celebrate one last time of me, as the host my special guest, Carlie Kercheval. Carlie and her husband Michael are hosts of a podcast on this network, as well as authors of a new book, Learning to Speak Life.

I have to admit, stepping down from hosting Mommy Jammies Night is is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, but I know that the Lord must have some amazing plans for growing Mommy Jammies – did you know there is a Facebook Page? Yes, one I have one and I must admit it is much neglected due to all of my other duties. Please join to chat with the new host!

Mommy Jammies Night will always reside on this Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network, and I’m happy to still be part of the network – as founder, and hosting my own shows. You can be sure I will be at the monthly Mommy Jammies Night sessions! In fact I will be the guest for February 11th!

So who is our new Mommy Jammies Night host? Guess you’ll just have to come tonight and listen to the audio to find out! [Please note: The audio will be uploaded by January 15th for replays]

My gifting is mentorship and I still can with Vintage Homeschool Moms and the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show where I interview amazing authors and speakers… so, I won’t be far.

Has there ever been anything you’ve given up because you’ve felt led to pursue other things? Please let me know I’m not the only one!


  1. Bonnie Boucek says

    I am so curious, although I wonder if it is her bff.

  2. Thank you for the giveaway!! AND the Mommy Jammy nights!!

  3. Orilla Crider says

    I remember when Cindy had these events and then you took over. I’m sad to see you give it up but I know you have followed God’s leading! Love you lots, Felice!!!

  4. Had to step away from my artwork in order to establish our family. Now they are getting older and I’m finally able to allow it to reenter in a new form. Looking forward to what god has planned for us both!

  5. I listen to Homeschool Radio Network 2 x a week at least. I use the Creation Books that Felice wrote in my school every alternate year and some items from them have helped me teach a class at co-op too. I love Hal and Melanie’s show on Monday nights! So thankful for this radio network that we can listen to the audios when we have a chance.
    Looking forward to listening to Carlie later this evening.

  6. Elizabeth B says

    I’m new to the network and jammies night. I’ll have to listen in for the next one!

  7. I’m so excited! I can never attend these “live” as I usually have a meeting. What a blessing that I can get to this one to hear Carlie!

  8. It makes me sad that this will be your last night Felice. I know it isn’t a decision you took lightly. Thank you for hosting the MJNs. Can’t wait for tonight’s MJN.

    • mediaangels says

      Thanks so much Denise – I’m still around with many more podcasts that I host — evening are difficult for me with my growing family! But, I’ll be there on chat which is easy no matter where I am! I look forward to connecting there. Remember, Vintage Homeschool Moms is weekly at noon eastern (which is 9am your time!) Take a coffee break and come join us!

  9. Linda Walsh says

    Hi, I am a newbie too. Excited to start listening.

  10. I can’t think of anything, but maybe it has happened.

  11. SO excited to be a part of this tonight!

  12. Judith Martinez says

    I have 3 copies of the Side Tracked Home Executive books. The original version, a revised version and the ebook edition of the newer one. To say I’m easily sidetracked would be an understatement.

  13. I have never heard of this and am intrigued. I really need mentorship! I will have to remember to stay tuned… 🙂

  14. Charissa Rice says

    I am really interested in this! Thanks for doing this and for the giveaway opportunity!

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